Arkion is an offspring of Ian Sharp Jewellery, who boasts over 40 years’ industry experience. Managing Director, Joshua Sharp, is Ian Sharp’s son.

This dynamic father and son duo have been working together since the inception of Arkion in 2007. When it comes to dealing with diamonds, this family is well versed, with over four decades of dealing with diamonds under their belts and well over two decades in dealing with pink and rare coloured diamonds.

Joshua is also General Manager of Ian Sharp Jewellery, a boutique jewellery store located just 5km from Melbourne’s CBD, in the upmarket suburb of South Yarra.

What does Arkion do?

Arkion sources and sells rare diamonds, larger white diamonds as well as larger precious stones. Some items are held in stock, otherwise they are sourced items that are specific to their client’s needs.

Most are hard to find stones that are either one of a kind or extremely rare. Arkion facilitates the sale of these items on behalf of their clients, should they wish to sell their unique and rare stones.

Arkion have supplies around the world, with global buyers waiting and looking for specific stones to come onto the market.

One could liken Arkion to an investment broker and the investments are these rare and valuable diamonds.

This is what Joshua has to say:

“I love the excitement of the role I play as I get to see some of the rarest gems in the world, and not many people get to do that.”

Arkion’s advantage is that they have connections around the globe to help clients purchase or sell your unique stone/investment. It requires unique expertise and a great understanding of the coloured diamond world. Many clients buy these stones as part of their overall investment or superannuation portfolio, which over the years has provided them with some great profits.

We are passionate about our business and what we do, and ensure we do everything we can to help our clients find the investment/stone they desire.  Over the years we have made some magnificent pieces of jewellery from some of these amazingly unique stones.

Not all clients put these stones into jewellery, however. Many of them prefer to keep their precious pieces in the box and leave it in a safe place as an investment.

Today pink and coloured diamonds are attracting more attention than ever. The Argyle diamond mine will not be around for much longer, so there will only be a limited amount of these diamonds out in the market place, making demand out strip supply.

We hope that these unique stones and jewellery will find their way to owners with the same enthusiastic attitude to diamonds, gems and jewellery that we have. People who know about pink and coloured diamonds know that they are more than just a diamond; they are an investment for the future as well as a rare piece of beauty.