Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire Gem Stones

Most people are familiar with these precious gem stones, which also have the 4 Cs.

The colour is the most important feature.

Our stones are sourced from around the world and to match our clients’ requests. We generally deal with larger, unheated and untreated gemstones. Keeping this in mind, 90% of the world’s gemstones are heated or treated. These sizes and colours are more exclusive for our clients and the unheated or untreated are rarer. We would normally hand craft a unique piece of jewellery to house the beautiful natural stone.

The Emerald is green in colour and usually has inclusions. They are found all over the world but predominately in Columbia, Brazil and Zambia, Africa.

The Ruby is red in colour and the most collectable of the three. They are found in Burma, Madagascar, Mozambique and Tanzania.

The Sapphire is generally blue in colour and is the most commonly purchased. They are found in Burma, Ceylon, Madagascar and previously in Kashmir which are the most desirable for its rarity.